Dates: 14/03 - 05/04

Total Duration: 48h

Fridays, 08:00am - 12:00pm

John Paul Fauves, the acclaimed Costa Rican contemporary artist is presenting his latest exhibition, 'A Loss Of Innocence' in conjunction with The Tax Collection. Showing now at Meir Art Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium (they also show other contemporary greats such as Banksy), this solo show explores the notion of hedonism versus redemption, and how we grow further from innocence.

Via his 28 paintings, hand painted masks as well as audio/visual presentations, Fauves looks at the emotions felt by the viewer and delves beyond the surface. For this he uses famous figures in popular culture as a vehicle for expression, from Marilyn Monroe to James Dean, he merges these famous faces with Mickey Mouse, the ultimate symbol of innocence.