Dates: 05/23/19 

Thu, from 07.00pm - 11:00pm

Inspired by American idols James Dean and Steve McQueen, "Alts iz Farloyrn,” which translates to "All is Lost," was Steve McQueen’s first ever line on stage and represents Fauves own struggle with losing it all yet discovering his true self. “Alts iz Farloyrn” dives deep into the darkness that surrounded James Dean and Steve McQueen and explores their need to live fast. Through this new series, viewers are reminded that although both men overcame challenges to become the Hollywood elite, they struggled to mentally escape their troubled childhood and demons.

Recognized internationally for his Neo-Pop Expressionism, Fauves paintings deal with identity through art, mainstream culture and social media. About this series, Fauves says “I have personally lost it all and what I’ve learned is when you lose it all you can win it all again and create a new beginning!”

Presented and curated by JM Art Management in collaboration with Noctem Group.




Dates: 09/21/17 - 10/21/17

Tue - Sat, from 06.00pm - 10:00pm

JM Art Management and HOMME Gallery presents "FACES", group exhibition at HOMME Gallery Los Angeles showcasing some of the most popular international artists: Justin Bower, John Paul Fauves, DAIN, Hossam Dirar, Popovy Sisters and Mike Dargas.

"What is the human experience? Throughout history, portraiture has allowed us to engage directly with this critical question. From prehistoric cave drawings in Eurasia to works found in modern galleries, artists have captured the many faces of human expression. Carefully curated, FACES is a thought-provoking engagement that challenges the concept of what it means to be human today."