Metal Magazine

May 22, 2019

With James Dean and Steve McQueen as his main referents, John Paul Fauves presents his new series of works, Alts iz Farloyrn (translated as All is Lost).

John Paul Fauves | Fashion Republik


June 28, 2018

“I found myself, and quickly started searching again,” says artist John Paul Fauves. Recently spotted at W22 GALERíA in his hometown, San

Arte Al Límite

February 2018

Art in Madrid and the opening of ARCO Modern Art Fair, Cuban critic and curator Andrés Isaac Santana proposes to SoloGood.

John Paul Fauves | FORBES


July 10, 2017

Via his 28 paintings, hand painted masks as well as audio/visual presentations, Fauves looks at the emotions felt by the viewer and delves

John Paul Fauves | Red Milk magazine


March 2, 2017

The Hedonist Mickey is a figure that seeks pleasure no matter the consequence. Mickey being a worldwide iconic figure of innocence, 

Athens voice | John Paul Fauves

Athens Voice

September 9, 2018

Γεννήθηκε στην Κόστα Ρίκα όπου ζει και ζωγραφίζει σαν ένα άγριο θηρίο, σύμφωνα με τις αρχές του Φοβισμού.

John Paul Fauves | Schon

June 11, 2018

Nothing escapes John Paul Fauves’ scope. From Trump to Disney, this Costa Rican contemporary artist takes pop culture critiques 

John Paul Fauves | Wide Walls


February 23, 2018

John Paul Fauves is a contemporary artist from Costa Rica. His artistic journey started at a very young age after he became a student of 


March 13, 2017

‘A Loss of Innocence’ is the latest exhibition by super-talented artist, John Paul Fauves. Self-described as a “neo-pop expressionist” his solo

John Paul Fauves | Glass magazine


March 2, 2017

Known as a “neo-pop expressionist” Fauves wants us to question humanity as we mature, becoming increasingly desensitised as

HYPEBEAT | John Paul Fauves


August 8, 2018

Costa Rican artist John Paul Fauves recently launched a new solo exhibition at Dopeness Art Lab in Taipei, Taiwan.

John Paul Fauves | artravel


April 18, 2018

Serait-ce parce qu’il conserve une mémoire émue de son enfance au Costa Rica, nourrie d’un lien fort à la spontanéité, que John Paul


September 18, 2017

John Paul Fauves - Searching for the Soul. 

John Paul Fauves | Flaunt magazine


March 6, 2017

The acclaimed Costa Rican artist, John Paul Fauves wants us to question ourselves and the society in which we live. The ego, the self and

John Paul Fauves | HERO magazine


October 11, 2017

Distorting Hollywood icons to reveal society’s loss of innocence. Self-described as a “neo-pop expressionist” the exhibition is curated by