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Dates: 07/29/18 - 08/19/18


This time, Fauves was invited to hold a solo exhibition at DOPENESS ART LAB, founded in 2018 by Taiwanese contemporary artist KEA TSAI. “DOPENESS ART LAB" is an atypical art experiment space with potential for the development of street and urban art in Taiwan, which has an in-depth understanding of street history and contemporary art, and also promotes the world's newly emerging artists, focusing on the field of street art, urban art, and pop art, evaluate all with visual innovation and critical thinking. 

In this solo, Fauves transformed the symbol of childhood purity - Mickey Mouse and other classic cartoon characters into the image of the beast in a reflection of capitalist society. The first solo exhibition in Taiwan not only brought his bold style and new artworks, but mysterious Fauves can be found in the opening. In this experimental art space, Fauves is raw, colorful and wild, much like his wild artworks that are hard to pass by.